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Charlton Heston Dead

April 6, 2008

News tonight that actor and whack job Charlton Heston is dead at age 84. He gave us many memorable roles in the lavish film productions of the 50’s and 60’s. He also helped solidify a lesson we first learned by watching Ronald Reagan: that actors should stick to acting. The fact that this gun zealot was granted the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, came as a complete shock to me. I didn’t know that until I read his obit in this AP story.

Only the retarded Bush administration could bestow such an honor on a man whose claim to fame was a dubious acting talent and five years as a figurehead/poster-child for the NRA. Probably there was a contribution to the George W. Bush Presidential Library Fund. I think for this president we really ought to just call it a museum and be done with it. Bush was no reader, and he’s certainly not going to be leaving much evidence many documents behind. A Bush Library sounds too far-fetched.


Bush First Pitch—Boo!

March 31, 2008

Does anyone else out there feel, as I do, that Bush probably worried a lot less about being booed as he marched onto the field than looking like he can’t throw a baseball? Self-image comes way before public opinion for him, no?

Hillary More Polarizing Than Bush

March 18, 2008

I’ve posted recently on how the issue of race is a damaging topic to the Obama campaign, and how Hillary exploits this—either instinctively or, probably, as an explicit campaign tactic. For the past several weeks, as a result of Hillary’s efforts and those of other Obama-detractors, race has been the primary focus of the public discourse in the Democratic race. This doesn’t work in Obama’s favor.

One of the reasons I can’t stomach Hillary, outside of her ugly campaign tactics, is the fact that she represents more of the same bitter, partisan division we’ve seen since Bush won the nomination in the 2000 race… and before, when Bill Clinton was in office.

My distaste for the Bush administration stems almost entirely from its polarizing effect on us, the electorate. (Note: that’s just the source of my “distaste” for the administration. The source of my burning resentment is all policy-driven).

Hillary, hated at least as much by the right as Bush is hated by the left, continues the polarization that started with Bill and has become progressively sharper with every election since then. However, one can make the argument that she is even more polarizing than Bush, since she is determined to polarize her own party, as well as the electorate in general.

Every time I see her disingenuous smile, that fake laugh, I get the same visceral, angry feeling which had hitherto been reserved for our evil, corrupt, war-criminal president. If Hillary were the nominee, I still don’t think I could vote for McCain, but I honestly can’t see myself caring enough to go the polls for Hillary.