Hillary’s Slash-and-Burn Stragegy

Hillary Clinton has an ugly plan for stealing the nomination from Obama, it’s rightful heir. To win the nomination, Hillary is quite willing to severely damage her party’s overall, long-term health. I call it Hillary’s Slash and Burn Strategy. Her strategy is to try to “pre-defeat” Obama on behalf of GOP, and then step forward as the only remaining viable candidate.
Hillary’s Slash and Burn Strategy, Summarized

  1. Make the delegate race about the superdelegates, and their having autonomy, which they should exercise “for the good of the party”
  2. Do whatever it takes to stay in the race until the convention, no matter how damaging to the party in the long term
  3. Along the way, trash Obama as a candidate. Badly trash him.
  4. By the time the convention comes along, make the case to the superdelegates that Obama’s candidacy is in tatters (“oops, my bad!”) and that after the terrible pummeling he’s taken, there’s no way he can win.

Tactic: Create Division

Race Division

As outlined in my blog post regarding Geraldine Ferraro Gate, Clinton’s campaign benefits when the campaign is about race rather than substance.

Delegate Division

  • Cast aspersions on the merits of “caucus delegates”, treat them as somehow less important or valid.

Tactic: Create Fear

Unready Opponent

  • 3:00 AM ad.
  • “Ready on day one”: Implication that there’s a learning curve to being president, which Clinton has somehow already traversed via a single additional term in the senate and a tour of duty as the white house’s first lady

Tactic: Fight Dirty


  • Obama’s “clean campaign” thrown back in his face whenever he attempts to defend himself against dirty Clinton campaign tactics.
  • Ferraro can make an outlandish, incendiary comment and Clinton merely “disagrees”. But Samantha Power calls Clinton a “monster”, and is fired for the offense.
  • Play by the rules with regard to superdelegates (they can vote how-ever they like), but don’t play by the DNC’s rules regarding Florida and Michigan primaries.

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