Obama Veepstakes & Hillary

Obama must nip this Hillary as VP thing in the bud. Immediately. Maybe even in his speech tonight. Failing that, then later this week. The longer it brews the closer it becomes to reality and this Obama supporter will be horrified and disappointed to see mean, manipulative, destructive, divisive Hillary on my ticket. She has lost. Why won’t she have some grace and get the hell out?


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One Response to “Obama Veepstakes & Hillary”

  1. Mr. Cheeseburger 9000 Says:

    very good point. the issue is that she has been fighting for so long that she doesn’t know when to stop. maybe bill should be the good husband and tell her to bow out . . . unless bill, the seemingly and increasingly unstable one, is telling her to fight on for some higher moral principle. in the end, i hope the democrats can recognize that there are viable candidates other than just hillary. of course, with hillary and obama literally owning the political landscape in the last few months makes it very hard to even visualize someone other than hillary on the landscape . . .

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