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The Candidates’ Spouses

June 12, 2008

Does the GOP’s strategy for winning include seeking the votes of woman? If so, would they really want to go on the offensive against Michelle Obama? Hasn’t our nation’s female electorate just demonstrated that, far from fearing strong, articulate, intelligent women, they actually prefer them? Doesn’t attacking Michelle Obama fly in the face of that, in addition to inviting comparison of the candidates’ spousal preferences? Do woman want a candidate who seeks as his spouse someone strong, articulate, and intelligent, or a candidate who seeks a woman who is dutiful, demure, and wealthy?

The primaries made me grit my teeth in anger. So far, the general has me gaping in confusion and wonder. This should be simple and obvious. But so should the last two have been…


Obama Must…

June 9, 2008

Obama must put a quick end to all speculation about putting Mrs. Clinton on the ticket. Assuming he believes he doesn’t need her—and it’s very possible that he might prefer to take a possible loss with another candidate than take a certain win with Hillary—then he needs to put a stop to all Sunday talk-show chatter about Hillary as VP.

Here’s how he does it, after he’s reassured himself that he doesn’t want her (which he can very quickly):

  • Meet with Hillary as soon as possible. Let her know, very politely, that he won’t be putting her on the ticket.
  • Get her to make an announcement that she has let Obama know she is not interested in being VP, and would not accept if nominated.
  • For cover from the media, when asked, Hillary says she’s not interested in playing second-fiddle. People will believe this.

This accomplishes all of the following:

  • There’s no chorus of boos during the convention when the real (not Hillary) candidate is announced. Clintonites might be disappointed, but at least they won’t be surprised, especially after an enthusiastic Hillary just gave a speech re-endorsing Obama, and including how she won’t be on the ticket.
  • The spotlight shifts immediately from Hillary to Obama. As of right now she’s still the story. The retarded McLaughlin Group dedicated time this weekend to a discussion of how Hillary might still be able to worm her way into the nomination. That has to stop now.
  • It gives Hillary cover, lets her save face with her supporters. She gets no public rejection, instead she gets to give the impression of doing the rejecting… this should appeal to her tremendous ego.

In reality, there is no way Hillary will be on this ticket. It’s a terrible match-up. At best, the benefits of having her on the ticket are canceled-out by the negatives, which are numerous. Even if her campaigning for Obama is less than enthusiastic is she knows it’s a no-go for her on the ticket, this is much better for her supporters, who can be won-over by Obama and women other than Hillary. It’d be nice to have her campaigning for you, but there are other ways to win her supporters over.

However, the primary reason not to have her on the ticket has to do with the Obama presidency, not the Obama candidacy. After the victory, Hillary would still be there, pressing her agenda, chipping away from the inside, complicating the message and the political agenda, spreading her chaos. Not to mention Bill Clinton and all the distraction he brings.

One of the reasons I like Obama so well is because of something I heard him say in an interview well before the campaign began. In response to the inevitable “will you run?” question, he said something like this (paraphrasing): “if I did run, it would be because I thought I could do something great for this country, it wouldn’t be just because I could. I wouldn’t run just to become president.”

I really believe Obama’s presidency will be historic not for the fact that he will be the first black president, but for what he accomplishes in office, and for how he will be remembered. Just being black and elected is not his agenda, and for good reason: it’s not a worthy reason for electing anyone. Just as it wouldn’t have been worthy to nominate Hillary just because she was a woman. And for all the Clinton campaign bumbles and all the fine analysis on how she “lost” the primary election, I have to believe that if Hillary had something more going for her besides just being a woman with a crafty campaign team, she would have been the nominee. As it was, however, she had only her ambition and her gender to recommend her, and that wasn’t enough for the Democrats.

Someday very soon more deserving candidate than Hillary will emerge, be nominated and elected, and she will be a woman. And the victory will be much more proud for our nation, and the victory will be much more pure for the feminists who have been patiently waiting for such a long time. They deserve the best, and so does the nation.

The Clinton Disgrace

June 5, 2008

Mrs. Clinton’s overt campaign for the vice presidency is/was at once pathetic and outrageous. She should have ended her campaign weeks, if not months ago. Certainly on Tuesday night she should have (for once) acknowledged defeat and struck a more unifying tone. She should not have attempted to steal Obama’s thunder on that occasion, however historic a nomination it was. Terrible form, totally absent of any grace whatever. If anyone was ever in doubt as to how Mrs. Clinton weighs the good of the party verses her own personal ambitions, it should be patently clear by now that she would sacrifice the good of the candidate, the party, and, by logical extension (if we assume she has conviction for her positions) the American public

A few thoughts:

  • For all her many cries of “foul”—sexism, unfair media treatment, disrespect from Obama supporters—the truth is that few other presidential candidates have ever been handled so gently, so respectfully, as Obama has treated Mrs. Clinton.
  • Very little of Hillary’s vociferous support is really about Hillary herself, it’s about getting a woman in office. I agree that it would be a great thing, but the candidate has to be the best candidate. Hillary is not that. As I’ve said before: let’s elect a woman next time. In this case, Obama is the best candidate.
  • It’s been said that Hillary needed time to “come down”, to back-out of campaign mode slowly. This is supposedly her excuse for her having taken so long to finally endorse Obama (five days!?). This need for her to take some time to let reality sink in has been repeated periodically, ever since Obama mathematically sewed-up the nomination. After the “Potomac Primaries”, after North Caroline & Indiana, and even now. She’s already had two months to get used to the reality of losing this. It is absurd that she should need several more days, in addition to haranguing by party leaders.

So yes, as an Obama supporter from the start, I’m rather bitter about what Mrs. Clinton has done to the party and her needlessly delaying our nominee’s general election bid. The ego is almost Bushian in scope. Please, please, Obama, don’t spend any of my campaign contributions on repaying her “debts” (to herself). The idea that any of my money could wind-up paying Hillary back—funds which she used to abuse my candidate—is shocking and horrifying. No, thank you.

Obama Veepstakes & Hillary

June 3, 2008

Obama must nip this Hillary as VP thing in the bud. Immediately. Maybe even in his speech tonight. Failing that, then later this week. The longer it brews the closer it becomes to reality and this Obama supporter will be horrified and disappointed to see mean, manipulative, destructive, divisive Hillary on my ticket. She has lost. Why won’t she have some grace and get the hell out?