McLaughlin and Co. Mostly* Retarded

John McLaughlin says Hilary has a 60% chance of winning the nomination… I wonder if he’d give me those odds in a friendly wager. Buchanan… after sometimes surprising me with his insightful comments on MSNBC, seems to descend into blather-land on McLaughlin’s show. Monica Crowley… ugh. Even Mort Zuckerman has it wrong a lot of the time. But McLaughlin is the worst of all.

I should tell my Tivo to stop recording the damn thing. “Bye bye!”

*Except for Elinor Clift, who is the only one of the entire panel who has something intelligent to say, when she can get a word in edge-wise.



One Response to “McLaughlin and Co. Mostly* Retarded”

  1. Obama Must… « Wit Happens Says:

    […] shifts immediately from Hillary to Obama. As of right now she’s still the story. The retarded McLaughlin Group dedicated time this weekend to a discussion of how Hillary might still be able to worm her way into […]

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