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McLaughlin and Co. Mostly* Retarded

May 26, 2008

John McLaughlin says Hilary has a 60% chance of winning the nomination… I wonder if he’d give me those odds in a friendly wager. Buchanan… after sometimes surprising me with his insightful comments on MSNBC, seems to descend into blather-land on McLaughlin’s show. Monica Crowley… ugh. Even Mort Zuckerman has it wrong a lot of the time. But McLaughlin is the worst of all.

I should tell my Tivo to stop recording the damn thing. “Bye bye!”

*Except for Elinor Clift, who is the only one of the entire panel who has something intelligent to say, when she can get a word in edge-wise.


The Clinton Mistake

May 21, 2008

Huge mistake for Hillary to have stayed in the race as long as she has. As a strategy for sabotaging Obama’s chances and leaving her free to run again in 2012, it was crafty, if ugly and Machiavellian to continue even when the numbers looked impossible to overcome. But she should have gotten out after North Carolina and Indiana, and just continued her little hatchet jobs on Obama from the sidelines. As it stands today, she looks like a candidate out-of-touch with reality. The support she once enjoyed on SNL has already eroded and now she gives them and every other satirist (not to mention journalist) fodder to paint her as a woman completely blind to reality—not a caricature that will help her get into the White House in ’08, even if she does succeed in killing the Obama candidacy. And lets be honest: that’s what this has been about, for months now, starting with the “kitchen sink” negativity she undertook before Ohio and Texas.

Tough and tenacious is one thing. Out-of-touch, blind and ungracious is another. I have lost all respect for HIllary. I now have the same visceral distaste for her that I have when I see Bush speak.