Clinton Had No Strategy

Here’s a problem facing the Clinton candidacy. This time we look beyond the turmoil in her campaign, but look instead to her own leadership: if getting elected is so important to Hillary (and it clearly is), how come she didn’t have a strategy for getting there? Bush administration in Iraq: same problem: no strategy. And by the way “kitchen sink” is not a strategy. It’s a tactic… an ugly one.

A plan is not a strategy. A strategy is a playbook for what to do to accomplish a goal, including allowing for the full scope of problems which might arise. In some ways, the art of strategy is in figuring out what might go wrong, and then creating possible alternative plans for various different scenarios.

Example: Bush had a plan for Iraq—but no strategy. When circumstances on the ground didn’t fit the plan, he had nothing. Thus, the mess we’re in over there.

But Hillary didn’t even have a plan, she had an assumption: that she was inevitable. And the assumption failed in the first contest, in Iowa, and that was the most important one in the campaign. This despite the fact that she had people inside her campaign advising her on strategic ways to insulate her campaign from potential problem.

At best we could say that her “plan” was to win everything early and maintain the appearance of inevitability. OK, that’s a way to win it all without having to do any work, but it was a gamble, and strategies are very different from gambits.

So why does anyone want to elect an illegitimate candidate who lacks the ability to think strategically? She likes to cast herself as the fighter, but the presidency is not a boxing match. Getting things “done” does require fight, but it’s better to go into your war with a strategy, then go into your battles with solid plans, then go into your combat with fighting spirit. The generals strategize, the commanders plan battles and the soldiers fight. Congratulations to Hillary on being a worthy soldier. Now lets go nominate a general.


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