The Differences

From a policy perspective, Hillary and Obama are more alike than different. However the leadership, style (and substance!) differences seem enormous. For some time I’ve suspected that one huge difference between these two candidates, once elected, would be the conduct and tenor of their administrations.

The Clinton campaign is said to be a tumultuous organization, with dissent, back-biting, internal competition, etc. Now we have news that Hillary’s “Chief Strategist”, Mark Penn, has admitted to having meetings to work toward passage of a trade agreement which his own candidate opposes. Chief Strategist. Penn is one of the two or three most senior members of the Clinton campaign. It’s an extremely chaotic organization, and it’s a preview of what you can expect from a Hillary administration.

Obama’s campaign, by contrast, is extremely well organized, focused, coordinated, and usually very much on message. This, despite the fact that it’s a remarkably decentralized organization.

Draw your own conclusions as to what we could expect from these different candidates after the election.


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3 Responses to “The Differences”

  1. smrtas1 Says:

    Did you see the articles today about Clinton indicating that just because Obama won a delegate, it doesn’t mean they actually have to vote for him? I think the fact that she is indicating that it is so important that she win that it would be ok to overturn the results of the dem primary says a lot about her.

  2. withappens Says:

    Agree, smrtas1. But that’s not new at all. Check out my post from February:

  3. Clinton Had No Strategy « Wit Happens Says:

    […] No Strategy Here’s a problem facing the Clinton candidacy. This time we look beyond the turmoil in her campaign, but look instead to her own leadership: if getting elected is so important to Hillary (and it […]

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