SNL = Hillary’s Media Puppet

Well, it’s another Saturday night and so, another shameless plug for Hillary on Saturday Night Live; this time attacking Obama, straight off the Clinton campaign’s talking points.

Tina Fey and/or the other SNL writers came back from the strike and forgot to stop campaigning for Hillary and start being funny again. It’s an ugly campaign Clinton’s running, and it’s sad to see SNL get down into the slime with her


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6 Responses to “SNL = Hillary’s Media Puppet”

  1. Dan (Fitness) Says:

    Oh that’s a good one. “start being funny again”. Aside from the digital shorts, its been a while since SNL was anything but “safe humor” for establishment types.

  2. madmilker Says:

    Fair is Fair….they did it with the guy stirring bloomer pudding with the limp cigar!

  3. Daniel Says:

    Agreed, SNL stopped being funny about a decade and a half ago. The fact that Hillary would use SNL as the basis of an argument in a debate demonstrates the difference in the tactics of the two candidates. The Daily Show is fairely pro-Obama, but could you imagine him citing Jon Stewart in a debate?

  4. Laurie Kendrick Says:

    I laughed out loud at last week’s Dakota Fanning Show. But that’s been about the extent of my laughter all season long.

    SNL does seem awfully Hillary centric. And not just that, it seems extremely negative towards Obama. They’re all but worshiping her. As someone who reviles the woman, her politics and abject lack of values, I find this show very hard to watch these days. If she wins, God forbid, the show will be insufferable.

    If this happens, that will mark the end of my now 30-plus year love affair with NBC on Saturday nights.


  5. morgangreenster Says:

    I think her and her husband are just about as evil as they come.

  6. withappens Says:

    Agree with you, Daniel, except about Stewart being pro-Obama… don’t forget how he fawned over her the night before the Texas & Ohio primaries. Awkward fawning, but nevertheless.

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