When the Clintons Should Quit

Especially if she continues her negative campaigning strategy, Hillary should quit if she doesn’t at least win a majority of delegates on March 4. After that date, if she doesn’t begin to turn the delegate count in her favor, her entire campaign must boil down to extreme negativity or hoping to cause a major crisis in the Obama campaign via synthesis of scandal (e.g. the so-called plagiarism issue).

Just winning Texas cannot be considered a basis for continuing her campaign. It must be an actual majority of delegates from all the primaries that day. If she can’t muster that success, she must stand aside. Her only other option at that point would be to go full, ugly negative. And since the McCain campaign’s attacks—already underway—seem identical to the Clinton campaign’s attacks, a continuing Hillary campaign equates to a bolstering of McCain campaign war-chest. It would be, effectively, a several million dollar donation to the opposing party’s campaign.

So on March 4 we should either see Hillary win a majority of delegates, or we should see a genuine concession speech, with an announcement that she’s dropping out, and an immediate endorsement of Obama.


One Response to “When the Clintons Should Quit”

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