Clintons’ Latest Attempt to Steal the Nomination

It’s official; to steal the nomination from Obama, the Clintons now have strategies for siphoning delegates of all three types: pledged delegates, super-delegates, and the non-delegates from Florida and Michigan.

The Clintons would love to controvert the will of the electorate by exercising their far-reaching influence within the party and convincing as many superdelegates as possible to nominate her rather than Obama. This is not the purpose nor spirit of superdelegate votes.

The superdelegates are there to confirm the will of the electorate, except in the extraordinary case that the popularly selected nominee should prove completely unviable; for example, if a huge scandal came to light subsequent to a majority of primary- and caucus-goers having made their selections.

Superdelegates are not representative of population, nor geography. They are chosen purely by virtue of their influence within the party. Thus, the argument cannot and should not be made that, for example, Kerry and Ted Kennedy should vote Clinton simply because their constituents did. How many superdelegate votes, per capita, are controlled by officials who were elected by voters in Massachussets and New York? You can bet it’ll be disproportionately high. Why should Democrats in these states have more influence in choosing a nominee than, say, one from Idaho? And what about superdelegates who aren’t now representative of any electorate? Gore for example… to whom should he be bound?

Unseated Delegates
The Clinton campaign’s attempt to get the DNC to seat the delegates of rogue states Florida and Michigan is a bit ugly. When the campaign season began, the rules were clear to everyone, candidates and state DNC chapters alike: if those states hold their primaries on those days, the delegates will not be seated. And now, after securing a pledge not to campaign in Florida, and happening to win in the meaningless Florida primary, the Clintons are trying get those delegates seated. This time, instead of fighting against the intent and spirit of the system, her campaign is trying to change the rules altogether.

Pledged Delegates
And completing the trifecta, I refer you to a article from today: Clinton targets pledged delegates. Really? Going after the pledged delegates?

After the Potomac/Chesapeake primaries of last Tuesday I expected the Clinton campaign to go ugly. I expected Bill to be let out of his cage and some negative ads to start appearing. It’s to be expected. This is a fight, after all, and she owes it to herself and her supporters to do everything she can to get the nomination. But I had hoped “everything” would fall short of concerted, coordinated attempts to pervert the rules and distort the intended spirit of the DNC’s system. It’s evidence that in practice, if not in policy, Hillary’s tenure in office may not represent a radically dramatic shift away from the practices of the current administration. And that is what we need now, more than ever—radical change.


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